Tips for taking care of your knives

Even 14C28N, Ma5 or Z50, the "stainless" steel of our knives does not like washing machines, which are aggressive for the blades and reduce their cutting power.

The humidity of the machine combined with washing salts is merciless to cutting edges and carbon-containing steel in general. Wash them by hand, taking care not to use the abrasive side of the sponge which would scratch the blades. However, if your knives end up in the machine by mistake, take them out at the end of the program and dry them.
Remember to sharpen them regularly (for example with the sharpener from Lansky "Pocket ceramic sharpening/sharpening system" : it sits on your work surface and will always be within reach. Its use is simple and you will give a perfect edge).

By following these tips your knives will look beautiful and cut for a long time.

but you can also have your knives maintained for polishing/sharpening thanks to the lOlO maintenance package. They will come back new or just like.

For the maintenance package, contact us !